Castello dell’Aquila is the ideal location for an unforgettable wedding. The different kind of spaces allows to beat time of the moments of the event through a path that brings guests to immerse themselves in unique and authentic atmospheres, a natural set with breathtaking views. From ravelin to barbican, from court to inner salons, every space is full of charm and great emotional impact.
Thanks to the long experience in the field, the management of the venue is able to provide customized advice for every request and additional services collaborating with external professionals: banqueting, show performances and décor settings are created in accordance with customer's wishes.
The castle can be home to hold civil ceremonies and the blessed chapel can be used for catholic functions and rites.
The Castle opens its doors to parties, exclusive events or gala dinners in a unique setting of highly evocative value. Whether there are a few guests or large groups, the location halls can be set up for every important occasion, guaranteeing the success of the event.
The Castle spaces are the ideal venue for corporate meetings, business events and workshops. The exclusivity of the venue, its unique location and the spaces allow to develop activities in a relaxing and unique context.
The authenticity of the place, the true medieval connotation and its extraordinary atmosphere are the perfect elements to frame events with an old time mood. The castle is in fact the right place for historical reenactments, costume dinners and themed parties allowing guests to experience strong emotions. It is also the perfect set for artistic photo shooting, filming and refined setting.
Courtyards and halls can host promotional activities related to the region, serve as a venue for exhibitions or host high-level cultural and media events.

Castello dell'Aquila - 54013 Gragnola (MS) Tuscany - Italy Tel:(+39)389.1643958