What to do
There are many activities that can be done in the castle and in the surroundings, immersed in the natural beauty of Lunigiana among land, sky and sea. We can offer customized tours and give tips and ideas about places to visit, experiences to live and fully enjoy what the region offers.
Castello dell’Aquila with its thousand years of presence is an important testimony of the past, a precious trace for history and ancient event enthusiasts. The manor can be visited by booking at least two days in advance to the following contacts: cell phone: +39 389 164 3958 E-mail: info@castellodellaquila.it You will discover the fascinating affairs of the noble Malaspina family, the mysterious Knight of Gragnola, reliving the emotions of past ages.
Lunigiana, from Tuscan Emilian Apennines to the sea, is a land to travel, to discover, to enjoy, a place where to spend a quality vacation in harmony with nature and history. Along the Via Francigena, one of the oldest itineraries (mentioned for the first time by Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury in 994) and for centuries one of the most traveled road to reach Rome, pilgrims, merchants and armies left traces of their passage: castles, rural and Romanesque churches, medieval villages and noble buildings follow a journey of history and hospitality that gives strong emotions throughout the region. Summer and winter sports facilities, thermal treatments, hiking and speleological possibilities, alternating with folklore and local traditions are the ingredients to enrich the tourist attractions of a landline suspended between the mountains and the sea, alongside the Cinque Terre of Liguria and the art cities of Tuscany, immersed in a pure and untouched nature.
Nature and fresh air are some of the main features of Lunigiana. These characteristics are reflected in the goodness of its typical products and recipes to be tasted all year long, in the mild summer weather or in front of a fire place in the cold winter days. Among the specialties of the area, its ambassadors are the cake of herbs in its many varieties, testaroli with pesto or mushroom sauce, panigacci stuffed with fresh cheeses, local salami or jam, the great variety of sausages and local cheeses. All watered by the good wine of the area, IGT val of Magra, Colli di Luni DOC or Candia of the Apuan Hills. Lunigiana is a land of traditions and surprises, festivals and flavors: at Castello dell’Aquila, cooking lessons and tastings are organized to learn the secrets of local recipes with the extraordinary products that this land offers.
The combination of health and wellness is possible in Lunigiana. Castello dell’Aquila is the ideal location for yoga meetings, immersed in tranquility and nature. Not far from the castle, in the municipality of Fivizzano at the foot of the Apuan Alps is Equi Terme, famous throughout Tuscany for the Caves and Spas. Equi's baths are the fruit of years and years of collecting rainwater that, once filtered into the ground, is enriched with mineral salts and restored to the surface where, not far away, they are rretrieved and exploited. The ancient Romans already knew and appreciated the qualities of these waters. You can dive in the pools of the Spa, undergo massages and aesthetic treatments, get in touch with the nature of Equi, leaving you pampered by the treatments and spa therapies. You leave rejuvenated and relaxed.
Depending on your personal interests, in Lunigiana everyone can find great activities to do and places to visit: from trekking on an almost km. 240 track to horseback riding, bicycle or motorbike routes; from castles tours to trips to villages; from naturalistic excursions between streams and woods to cultural visits to various museums in the area.
Throughout the year, the Lunigiana lives a continuous revival of its villages through feasts and festivals. From the daffodils festival to the focaccetta feast, from historic re-anactments with medieval markets to the chestnut fair. Every season and every town has its traditions that deserve to be discovered and lived. Staying at Castello dell'Aquila you will be able to reach places of interest and immerse yourself in local customs and history.
Lunigiana is not just nature or history, but a land where you can devote yourself to shopping at all levels. You will be able to buy typical local gastronomy products, antiques in the various markets that are held weekly in towns and villages, buy home or fashion items from the best brands in shopping malls and outlets in the larger cities, bringing home pleasant holiday memories.

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