In the inn's kitchen traditional dishes are prepared using local ingredients and raw materials, discovering or rediscovering authentic flavors that speak of history, of bygone times ... Panigacci, testaroli and focaccette still produced with ancient recipes combined with Lunigiana cured meats and cheese or herb cakes and mushrooms picked in the castle's estate ... all accompanied by excellent regional wines.

A relaxing break or a moment of tranquility to enjoy the time that at Castello dell’Aquila seems to be suspended: a warm relaxing herbal tea or a purifying brew to drink in the garden or in the living room ...

Castello dell’Aquila – Loc. Castel dell’Aquila, 1 – 54013 Gragnola di Fivizzano (MS) Lunigiana – Northern Toscana - Tel. +39 389 164 3958 –