The Castle features 9 elegantly decorated rooms with brick walls, comfortable beds, refined wooden furniture, hardwood floors and private bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi throughout the property. A continental breakfast with sweet and savory products is served in the morning.

Dedicated to the penultimate Marquise of Castel dell'Aquila, it is connected with room nr. 2

Dedicated to the Florentine noblewoman, the 32 hectares of woods in which the Castle is nestled are visible from the window. Connecting with room nr. 1, it is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

Dedicated to Madame of Carpi, the room is the largest on the first floor overlooking the surrounding woods.

Dedicated to the sister-in-law of Lorenzo The Magnificent. Ideal for chess lovers is equipped with a chessboard table. It is connected with room nr. 5.

Dedicated to the noblewoman of the Veronese aristocracy, the second wife of Galeotto Malaspina is connected with room nr. 4.

Dedicated to the noble Venetian, the first wife of Galeotto Malaspina, the room is one of the Castle Suites. Compared to the previous rooms is wider and equipped with a seating area.

Dedicated to the wife of Leonardo Marquis Malaspina, from the window of the room you can see the life of the castle courtyard from a 60 meters high.

Dedicated to Guglielmo del fu Azzolino Malaspina’s wife. Ideal for those looking for peace and quiet at 60 meters high.

Dedicated to the wife of Isnardo Marquis of Malaspina, the room is one of Castel Dell'Aquila's suites, with canopy bed and private lounge.

Castello dell'Aquila - 54013 Gragnola (MS) Tuscany - Italy Tel:(+39)389.1643958