The Castle
Castello dell’Aquila belongs, and with great dignity, to that set of castles, fortified palaces, sightseeing towers that have made Lunigiana a unique territory of its kind.
Many Ladies and Aristocrats lived at Castello dell’ Aquila. From Marquise Cleria Malaspina to Noblewoman Aurante Orsini, sister-in-law of Lorenzo the Magnificent, from the Marquise Fiammetta Soderini to many others, remembered in the names of the rooms in the tower where one can stay in refined ambiences rich in old time charm.
Castello dell'Aquila (Eagle’s Castle) is composed of many spaces after stratifications of different ages, each with its own charm and a story to tell ...

Castello dell’Aquila – Loc. Castel dell’Aquila, 1 – 54013 Gragnola di Fivizzano (MS) Lunigiana – Northern Toscana - Tel. +39 389 164 3958 –